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Wheel Stand Tailgate Flagpole Mount

Wheel Stand Tailgate Flagpole Mount
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Our sturdy Wheel Stand Tailgate Flagpole Mount has an oversized 18" x 6" base plate with a 18" pole riser, is constructed of rust resistant steel, and is powder coated grey color. The 18 inch oversized base plate allows for an extended distance from your vehicle's tire fender. For additional precaution, our extended 18 inch pole riser prevents the flex of the bottom section of your tailgating flag pole.

Please Note: This wheel base has a interior riser diameter of 1-3/8", so it is recommended for our 23' tailgating flagpole or any flagpole that has a bottom outside diameter of less than 1-3/8 inches. Please make sure your flagpole outer diameter meets this size requirement (less than 1-3/8 inches).

Two-piece construction is provided for easy storage and transport to your next tailgate event.

This Wheel Stand Tailgate Flagpole Mount is recommended for our Tailgate Pole for Tailgating.

A quality product of Sports Flags Pennants Company™
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