If you are flying a GROMMET Flag

a. Unfasten the thumbnail screws from the two (2) plastic grommet mounts which were included with the pole.

b. Slide both of these grommet mounts on the top half of the pole.

c. Screw the bottom half of the pole to the top half.

d. Attach the top grommet of the flag by inserting the thumbnail screw through the flag grommet into the grommet mount and tightening to the pole.  Finger tight only.

e. For the bottom flag grommet, repeat d. and extend down the pole and align the bottom grommet mount to the top mount.  Finger tight only


(If you purchased a flag with "D-Rings" instead of grommets, Nylon Washers will be provided to attach this type of flag to the pole.  Use the above instructions)

If you are flying a House, Banner, Vertical or Sleeved Flag

a. Do not slide the grommet mounts onto the pole. Keep these grommet mounts in a safe place for future grommet flag attachment.

b. Screw the bottom half of the pole to the top half.

c. From the bottom of the pole, slide the flag "sleeve" to the top of the pole and attach the tab located inside this flag sleeve to the top swivel clip on the pole.  You are ready to place this pole in your bracket.